Apple Pie Paleo Porridge

I love chia seeds. I think they are a fantastic super food and are such a great addition to any meals whether in salads, smoothies, pancakes and other baked goods! They are so versatile and make meals that touch more satisfying and filling. I love experimenting with them and one of my favourite things to do with them is create puddings and porridge because I am the biggest fan of things with a “gluggy” and smooth texture. As I am trialling out veganism/vegetarianism, it seems as though everyone advocates for a high carb, low fat diet but my body does not particularly feel and look the best when eating that way and so I am eating what I love and am certainly not depriving myself of any food hence why I ditched the oats and swapped them for chia seeds.

If you love porridge but it doesn’t sit too well in your belly or you just want to try something different then give this recipe ago! I can assure you it made me feel great and it was just as creamy and satiating.



2 tablespoons chia seeds

1/2 cup almond milk (+ extra water when blending)

1 grated apple

2 tablespoons of crushed walnuts

1 teaspoon of mixed spices (I used cinnamon mostly with dashes of ginger and nutmeg)

2 medjool dates

Toppings of choice: nuts, coconut flakes, dates, cinnamon, apple, flaxseed (I used coconut flakes, crushed walnuts and a medjool date).


Please chia seeds, almond milk, apple, walnuts, spices and dates into a blender and blitz. It may be too think initially so add water in small increments to assist the blending process.

Please the mixture in a saucepan and heat it to a desired temperature (I like mine super hot). If it begins to look too dry or thick then add water but I didn’t find it necessary.

Put it in a bowl, add any toppings you like and eat!

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