Soul Burger ~ Randwick

The one plant based restaurant I’ve wanted to try was 100% Soul Burger. The main reason is because I’m so interested in how something can taste like meat using no animal products at all! Most vegan restaurants have the same menu, consisting of the same sort of options so to find a fully vegan burger place made me so excited! Soul Burger is located on The Spot in Randwick, 49 Perouse Road Sydney. A 15 minute walk from UNSW, where my boyfriend lives and where I spend most of my time. I’ve wanted to take him here ever since the day I heard about it but had always felt bad about bringing him there because I was worried he wouldn’t like it and would prefer to just eat real meat instead of “fake meat”. But today was the day that I made him suck it up and he was actually pretty excited as well to give it a go! He’s been very supportive of my occasional veganism/vegetarianism days and weeks due to my health issues and ethical thoughts but it’s now got to the point that he’s willing to try some vegan options with me, which makes me super happy and proud. image1

The options at this place are crazy! The menu consists of a Chickpea Burger, Spicy Sausage Burger, Battered Fish Burger, Classic Cheese Burger, Sumo Burger, Chilli Beef Burger, Mushroom Burger and a Falafel Burger, which you can have on a normal bun, gluten free bun or have with no bun at all! They also have a variety of chips, coconut shakes, organic soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. I know I said I was really excited to try mock meat… but I chose the Falafel Burger because I love Falafel. This comes with falafel, tabouli, lettuce, tomato, aioli and tahini but I added extra beetroot and avocado. The falafel in this burger was image8 (2)huge and it was so soft and packed full of flavour! What I loved most was the aioli and tahini combination, it tasted like nothing I have ever had before and though it made it very messy to eat, it was literally finger licking good. And guess what is the most important factor… My stomach didn’t react to anything that I ate!


We both shared the Green Fries which are herb crusted beer battered fries served with aioli. Crunchy, herby, light and fluffy. Therefore, perfect. That aoili is seriously amazing; it tastes like this garlic butter my mum used to buy from a deli near my old primary school and man that stuff was so unhealthy but so good. Here, we have a healthy version that tastes even better!

Matt was more adventurous than me today, having ordered the Classic Cheese Burger, his usual favourite. This comes with plant based beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, tomato relish and aioli which he added beetroot and avocado to as well. Look at how happy and excited he was about it! He was about half way through and said “wow, this is actually pretty good! It tastes like a cheese burger but just slightly less meaty”. That’s a pretty good response in my opinion. I tried it and I was pretty amazed by how close the plant based patty tasted like a beef patty.




Along side the burgers we both had a Parkers Organic Lightly Sparking Ginger Beer which we both loved. I was sceptical that Matt wouldn’t like it because he’s used to the regular, sugar loaded ginger beer but this one was all organic and sweetened with organic cane sugar and he even drank the rest of mine because I started to get really full.

Over all, we had a fantastic experience and will surely be back to try the rest of the plant based burger options, coconut shakes and the other varieties of chips. You guys should definitely check it out!

Love Jess xx


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