Date and Pecan Zoatmeal

If you haven’t tried adding Zucchini into your oats then you definitely have to try it! Sometimes I have to be careful with a lot of oats as they tend to make me feel really sluggish and block my digestion (strange because there is so much fibre?) so I’ve been having Paleo Porridge, like my Carrot Cake Paleo Porridge, which I have a blog post about. But, today I was really craving creamy oats and one thing about recovery is listening to your body and listening to your cravings. If you deprive yourself of something that your body is calling for then give it what it wants because that will 100% help you from avoiding feelings of restriction which may lead to binges. The mornings are especially important because you need to start your day off in the best possibly way in order to have a positive, uplifted and happy view about the rest of the day. Therefore, if you want porridge for breakfast then have porridge for breakfast because you know you’ve given your body and fed your mind what it wants, so you won’t feel the cravings later on in the day for the stuff you think you want if you were to deprive yourself initially.

To allow myself a lovely and warm bowl of oats, that my body tolerates and cooperates with, I had grated Zucchini! Not only are you creating more volume by replacing some of the oats, you’re getting a serve of veges and a serve of greens importantly! They surprisingly make the oats even more creamy and satisfying because they become so soft and just blend in with the oats.

IMG_8146Since I was having oats this morning, I wanted them to be perfect and perfect oats to me consists of cinnamon, dates and nuts! So I created this Date and Pecan Zoatmeal that was sweet yet perfectly balanced with a little bit of salt. The dates gave it a wonderful creaminess and the pecans add richness, nuttiness and to me, a slight taste of coffee because I swear pecans taste like mild coffee! I topped it off the half of a fresh banana, chopped pecans and chia seeds but you can top it with whatever you like, or just eat it plain!image2 (1)


1/2 cup oats (I use uncle toby’s rolled oats)

1/2 large zucchini or 3/4-1 whole small zucchini, grated (you can leave skin on or off)

1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup almond milk

2 chopped medjool dates

1-2 tbsp chopped pecans (I used about 1 full tbsp inside and then used more on top)

1tsp cinnamon

pinch of salt


Add all ingredients in a saucepan and continue stirring until the Zoats have achieved optimal creaminess! Add more water or almond milk to your preference.

Enjoy! Jess xx

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