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Spice Smoothie

You know when it’s Winter and you love smoothie bowls but whenever you have one, you’re rugged up in like 3 jumpers, inside your bed under another 3 blankets with a beanie, bed socks and a scarf on? Well you’re still probably going to need to do that with this one BUT it doesn’t give you that frost bite “I must jump into a boiling hot shower right now” feeling because it’s actually warming!

Secret ingredient = turmeric.


Also secret ingredient that isn’t really secret because it’s not as cool/ I used it all the time = cinnamon.

This smoothie is great for people who don’t have the biggest sweet tooth and love complex flavours. It’s full of amazing health benefits, especially achieved through eating the raw turmeric. Now for myself and most likely the majority of the people in the world, think turmeric belongs in curry (which it certainly does) and wouldn’t dare to put it in a smoothie… But all I have seen recently is people drinking Turmeric Milk or Golden Milk which is basically turmeric in non-dairy milk with additional black pepper, cinnamon and honey. It’s definitely not for everyone as the turmeric is rather distinct and so I am still yet to grow to the taste but, this smoothie is a fantastic way to get in your dose of turmeric without really tasting it all that much; in my opinion, you more so feel it in the smoothie, which I love. You get hints of it’s warm and peppery flavour as well as a mild undertone of a fragrance reminding me of ginger and orange.

Turmeric is known for it’s anti-inflammatory abilities, assistance with indigestion and heart burn, antioxidant properties and it’s prevention and reduction of heart disease and diabetes, along with many other amazing benefits! So you should definitely incorporate it into your diet. I love adding it into curries, stews and using it as a seasoning on baked vegetables (especially cauliflower as they go bright yellow) so it’s easily utilised daily for me.

Spice Smoothie



1.5 frozen bananas

1/2- 1tsp of turmeric

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp cacao powder

large handful spinach

1/2-1 cup almond milk


Blend all ingredients, ensuring the powders and almond butter are added after the milk to prevent them sticking to the blender. Add whatever toppings you would like. I added a kiwi, coconut shreds, hemp seeds, banana and passionfruit.

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