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Raw Vegan Chocolate Coffee Brownie Bites

If anyone were to ask me what I love to indulge in, it would 100% be raw vegan desserts. I love how decadent they are and how they’re so pure to their flavour profile. They’re refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free yet still so delicious and most importantly, so nutrient dense that you don’t feel the need to binge out. My issue is knowing when to stop with desserts but they are basically nutritionally empty and so you feel like you could just keep going because of the sugar rush you get when you have that first bite. Raw vegan desserts are filling and are made of natural and pure ingredients that don’t make you feel guilty for having a treat.

My dad and I have such a sweet tooth and we love to indulge but also have difficulty controlling ourselves and so I decided to make these brownie bites for him for Father’s Day. I wanted to add coffee to give them a depth of flavour and also because my dad loves coffee, especially when paired with chocolate. The dates are what give these brownie their chew texture and caramel sweetness and paired with a pinch of salt, you’re in taste bud heaven!



2 cups of walnuts

1 3/4 cups dates (medjool preferably but can use regular dates, just soak them prior to make them soft)

3/4 cups cacao powder

3 tbsp ground coffee

1/4 tsp salt


Hazelnut Chocolate butter (store bought- I used the brand Loving Earth )

If you don’t have this you can omit a ganache and sprinkle with some caramelised buckinis, cacao nibs, coconut flakes or melted dark chocolate.



Blend the walnuts until a powder is formed.

Add in the cacao, coffee and salt and then slowly add in the dates until well combined. It should form a doughy consistency and be able to be moulded together.

Either create little balls, place in a small cupcake tray (which I used) or press into a cake tin and cut into squares after. These made 16 small round brownie bites using small cupcake tin, that had 12 moulds, and 4 additional paper cupcake wrappers.

Freeze your mixture for about 10-15 minutes, spread on the ganache (if using other toppings, put those on before freezing) and store in the freezer.


Jess xx



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