Fully Loaded Coconut Yellow Curry

Imagine pumpkin soup… now imagine that replaced with sweet potato… now imagine a heap of other vegetables in there PLUS coconut milk AND yellow curry paste! DELICIOUSNESS IS UPON YOU!

My favourite soup of all time is definitely pumpkin soup and it’s definitely the easiest to make, but since the cooler weather is coming, I thought I better start increasing my soup repertoire so I can make the cooler weather a hell of a lot more enjoyable. Last week I made a Thai Coconut Pumpkin Curry using red curry paste, which I loved, but it was very one sided in flavour and didn’t have much depth to it. So, this recipe is based off of that recipe but with a bunch more vege’s, bumping up it’s nutritional value and it’s flavour making it so much more satisfying to eat!

Now the reason this curry is fully loaded is pretty much by accident. I was planning on just making pumpkin soup however I realised I only had 1/4 of a pumpkin left and you can’t make pumpkin soup without pumpkin! Then I saw the sweet potato and decided to make a sweet potato based soup/curry thing with the vegetables I would use to make pumpkin soup, being carrots and celery. I basically chucked everything into the pot and realised that I had a jar of yellow curry paste that I’ve been wanting to try for ages! In that went with some coconut milk and water and it was that easy! The aroma was 10 times better than the curry I made the other week because the other vegetables basically made it smell as if I had used some vegetable stock. It is such a super tasty soup which when left for a day or so, thickens and intensifies in flavour.

If you’re worried about fat, don’t be. I only used half a cup of coconut milk in this recipe but you can easily use light coconut milk (basically just add water to your full fat coconut milk, it’s the same thing). Don’t be worried about missing out on protein, there’s red lentils in there! Don’t be worried about carbs, they’re filling… so why wouldn’t you want to eat something that doesn’t fill you up?! Don’t be worried about sodium, I didn’t add any salt other than what was already in the curry paste. Don’t be worried about time, this took 30 minutes to make and I didn’t even attend to it while it was simmering, I just went upstairs and did some university work. Don’t be worried about not having the same veges, USE WHATEVER YOU HAVE but make sure you have enough sweet potato for the base because no one wants a zucchini or a capsicum based soup if they want something creamy and filling. All you need to be worried about, which is basically only in my case because I’m a selfish poor uni student, is how to stop your family from eating it so you can have it for leftovers for a couple of days.

It has taken me so long to just stress less about the food I eat and for such a long time I was worried about carbs, then I was worried about fats, then I was worried about sodium… There’s too much conflicting information out there about what not to eat and not enough about eating what you want and eating intuitively. Cutting something out and telling yourself you can’t have a particular food group = going insane because all you want is that one thing. Eat it. Eat this curry. You will feel good.


Post in the comments if you actually read that. I now congratulate you with the recipe.

Fully Loaded Coconut Yellow Curry
Serves 3 hella hungry or 4 decently hungry mouths 


1/2 onion

3 medium sticks of celery

2 large carrots

1/4 butternut pumpkin

2 medium sweet potatoes (about 4 cups when chopped up)

1- 1.5 tablespoons yellow curry paste (I use a curry paste by the brand Thai Gourmet which is super tasty and has the all good ingredients that you want to put in your body).

2 cups of water

Optional: salt + pepper or vegetable stock if you have no taste buds.


Chop you onion and all of your vegetables into cubes or similar sized pieces (props to you if you actually cut your vegetables into perfect cubes).

Add a dash of water or a dash of oil into a pot and add the onion. Let this cook for about 2 minutes before adding in the celery.

Once the onion and celery have been cooking for another few minutes, add the rest of your vegetables and the yellow curry paste. Cooking the curry paste prior to adding any liquid enhances the flavour of it so don’t go adding it after your liquid!

Let the vegetables and the curry paste cook for about 5 minutes before adding the coconut milk and the water. Bring the curry to a boil and let it simmer for 30-40 minutes, depending on how large you cut your vegetables. Mine only took 30 minutes.

If you want you can blend about a quarter or half of the soup to make it super thick and creamy, blend it all to make it more of a pumpkin soup like texture, or don’t blend it at all. I left mine unblended because I like eating chunks of vegetables.

I served my curry with some coriander because it’s goes so well with thai flavours, over a bunch of spinach because I love my greens and with some organic gluten free bread which I’m actually loving the taste and texture of.



Jess xx


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