Protein Balls Two Ways: Green Matcha and Goji + Apple Pie


Since I’ve been training more frequently and much more intensively, I’ve needed some extra pick me ups during the day. As I’ve said in a previous blog post, my usual snack is a piece of fruit or some raw veggies with some nut butter. Now this is a perfect snack but sometimes, we haven’t got any fruit in the house (cries) or I just want something more exciting. I’ve been hooked on the Lean Vanilla Protein by Tropeaka ever since the first time I tried it and I’m now onto my 3rd 1kg bag of it! It tastes incredible, it isn’t grainy in texture, it’s full of amazing ingredients and it is the first protein powder that my body agrees with. I’ve had such bad experiences with protein powders as in the past they’ve made me bloat and have such bad cramps and gut pains. I can’t explain how good it is to have found Tropeaka!


Both of the protein ball flavours that I’m sharing with you today have been tried and tested! After the first batch, I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly to make a bigger quantity and to ensure I had the perfect flavour and texture that I wanted in each protein ball. Each person who has tried them has loved them. My mum said they were so incredibly moorish and that they’re better than any that she has bought before. I wanted to create a guilt free protein ball that was packed full of nutrients, flavour and of course, protein to keep you full and act as a great post workout snack or just a snack for any time of the day. I’m always so reluctant to buy or try store bought protein balls as they usually contain unnecessary ingredients which could easily be substituted with whole food, plant based ingredients. I’ve created a refined sugar free, easy to digest, delicious and healthy protein ball that you won’t be able to differentiate from being a dessert or a nutritious snack!












Matcha and Goji Protein Balls


~ 1.5 cups pitted dates (soaked for at least an hour)
~ 1.5 cups desiccated coconut
~ 1/4 cup almond meal
~ 1/4 cup Tropeaka Lean Vanilla Protein Powder
~ 1 tsp Tropeaka Matcha Powder
~ 1/4 tsp spirulina (this isn’t necessary but it gives the protein balls a deeper green colour)
~ 1/4 cup of chopped goji berries

~ Firstly, roughly chop the dates and pulse them in a food processor to create a paste like consistency.
~ Add all of the other ingredients and process to combine.
~ Once the mixture is well combined, add it to a bowl and mix in the chopped goji berries.
~ Coat in desiccated coconut with a pinch of matcha and spirulina to the coconut to make it green, and store in the freezer.


Apple Pie Protein Balls

IMG_9807 2

~ 1 + 1/4 cups chopped dried apple
~ 1/2 an apple, diced
~ 1/4 cup choppedwalnuts
~ 1/2 cup desiccated coconut
~ 1/4 cup almond meal
~ 1/4 cup Tropeaka Lean Vanilla Protein Powder
~ 1 tsp cinnamon
~ 1/4 tsp nutmeg
~ 1/4 tsp ginger

~ Firstly, place the diced fresh apple into a bowl, add a splash of water and place in the microwave for 2 minutes. This is to make an apple puree. Once done, roughly mash with a fork.
~ Add all of the ingredients, plus the apple puree into a food processor and process to combine. Don’t worry about any chucks of apple, it can be as chunky or as pureed as you like!
~ Coat in desiccated coconut and store in the freezer.



Jess xx




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