Black Forest Cold Oats

You’re probably thinking “Whaaaat? Another oats recipe, Jess?!” because yes, I will admit that I’ve posted A LOT of recipes involving oats but this recipe is next level epic. It has bitter cacao powder, sweet banana and tart berries. WINNING COMBO RIGHT THERE, AM I RIGHT? I never used to like the combination of chocolate and berries but ever since I stopped being a little child about mixing fruit with my chocolate, I’ve been obsessed.

The first picture you’ll see is with the blueberry sauce poured all over the oats, and in the second picture I withheld the sauce until after taking the photo so you can see the colour and the texture of the oats.


It’s funny how often I eat oats now considering they used to cause me such bad digestive pains and bloating. However, because I eat them so much due to how satiating and energizing they are, I’m always looking for a way to change them up so I don’t get bored. I want them to continue to satiating both mentally and physically and in my opinion, having plain bowl of oats, or the same flavor of oats every day will not do that for me. I love changing up the flavours, the preparation and the add in’s to give it a different twist each time I eat it and I can tell you now, I’ve been eating oats for breakfast consistently for over a month now and I’m still hooked.

What is different about these oats compared to any other you’ve probably tried is that they’re a fusion of regular cooked oats and overnight oats. This not only changes the texture of it but because the oats have been cooked and soaked, it optimises your ability to digest them. So, if your someone who usually struggles with oats as they don’t sit well in your tummy, try this recipe because you might find that they aren’t as hard to break down and digest.

image1 2

These oats have this epic jelly-like texture, which to me is quite nostalgic because I haven’t had jelly since I was a kid. It can also be changed depending on your preferences so try out different amounts of liquid to see which texture you like the best. Personally, I like them really thick and “coagulated”, as gross as that word sounds but if you like yours more runny, then add in some more liquid. I’ve also used this method with rice flakes and it works the exact same. My favourite recipe using rice flakes is adding in half a mango and using coconut milk. It’s amazing. You should try it. But try this one first.

Cold Brownie Oats with Warm Blueberries 


~ 1/2 cup rolled oats
~ 1 – 1 & 1/2 cups of liquid (e.g. water, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk etc.)
~ 1/2 banana
~ 1/4 – 1/2 tsp cinnamon
~ 1 tbsp cacao powder
~ 1 tbsp psyllium husk
~ 1/3 cup of frozen blueberries + 2 tbsp water


~ Add the oats and 1 cup of liquid (I use water) in a bowl and microwave for 1 minute.
~ After it has been microwaved once, add in the cacao and the banana, which you can either mash up or slice up prior to adding it in. I like it slices so there’s still some chunks of banana in it.
~ Add in about an 1/8th- 1/4 of a cup of liquid (once again, I used water) depending on how much water was absorbed in the first round of cooking, and then microwave the mixture again for 1 minute.
~ After it has been microwaved for the second time, add in the psyllium husk and about ¼ cup of liquid (at this stage I usually use almond milk). If it seems too thick, add in more liquid until it reaches your desired consistency, but remember, it will absorb more liquid as it sits in the fridge so don’t make it too runny! I honestly don’t add too much liquid before I put it into the fridge so it becomes suuuuper thick.
~ Leave the oats in the fridge overnight so it can fully cool down and set. I have done this in the morning however, giving it about 1.5 hours to set in the fridge and it still turned out well! I just don’t add as much liquid when I do that.
~ When serving, warm up the blueberries + water in a small bowl in the microwave for 30-50 seconds. Pour this on top of the cold oats plus any other toppings that you desire. I love cacao nibs, buckinis, fresh berries and peanut butter!


Jess xx



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