Mental Health Awareness

Hello lovely people!

Over this past semester I worked on project for University, which was the most incredible and confronting thing I’ve ever done. I decided to focus on mental health and so I wrote two songs based on mental health, using not only my own personal experiences, but the experiences of four girls who openly shared their stories with me. I showcased Stop- An original by Jess Stillone as well as Kinder Eyes- An original by Jess Stillone  and I really hope that this little milestone helps me reach my overall aim to raise awareness about mental health and reduce the stigma attached to it. Thank you to Dylan Parcell for producing the track, to Ben at Macquarie University for recording and mixing the vocals, to my uncle Mim for accompanying me, and to the amazing girls who helped me write these two powerful songs. Writing and showcasing these songs was a very scary and emotional thing to because I kept these issues of mine inside for so long, only sharing my story with a small amount of people and hiding my true self to those around me in fear that I would be judged. I feel as though I am finally not ashamed of my past experiences and can share them with the whole world in hope that I will continue to grow in my strength and that I can help others going through similar struggles. I can’t wait to continue writing music that reflects not only my story, but those of others. 

Jess xx